Healthy Weight Loss Foods

Like promised, when  I read a great article I will share some of my findings with you. I am reading Eaternity by Jason Wrobel. Very interesting. Based on his list here is my list of healthy weight loss foods, I usually purchase organic:  Green tea Oolong tea Almonds Hemp seeds Chia seeds Flax seeds Blueberries […]

My Favorite Apps

  By now you should know how passionate I am about nutrition and be living a healthy lifestyle. I am totally against diets but anything that can help me live a healthier life I am all for it. I  am a member of our local gym. I do personal training twice a week, Trx and […]

Key Components of Good Nutrition

Ever wonder what is the right step to a good nutrition. Well once you know the eight components you are on your way to success. These 8 components can change the way you feel and look: 1) Alkaline forming foods: Food: All green vegetables, seaweed, and algae Benefits: Improves bone strength, reduces inflammation, improves muscle […]

Tips on Achieving a Resolution

Every year, resolutions are made in January but, not everyone sticks to them. A common resolution is being fit and exercising or losing weight. In January, gyms are packed with people working out and signing up. Sadly, by February, few continue the workouts and dedication of being successful. Only 8% of people recorded in Forbes […]

Evening Thoughts

Ever wonder if you are eating right, drinking enough water, or working out enough! Guess what, if you have to think about it, it is more likely you are not. Find someone who is accountable to help. Sometimes, and most times, discipline and motivation are the keys to your success! Several phone apps can help […]

Wonderful Wednesday

It’s a new day, wonderful Wednesday!! What is the first thing you do each morning? What are your goals for today if any? Did you have breakfast?  Did you pre-pack lunch? Do you ever complete your to-do list every day? Well, what am I up to? Well, the first thing I do each morning as soon […]