Avocado Pistachio Salad

Sick of your regular salad…. Sometimes eating your regular romaine lettuce salad can become uninteresting overtime, it does not matter how many other items you add to it, they all taste the same. My summer salad is a great option, however, this one gives a different taste of a salad.  This salad is made with […]

Vegan Brownies

Let’s take a look at how I put this all together…. These are the best brownies, I have made. Well, I take that back. I made one couple months ago, however, I did not take any measurements so this is the closest to it. This is pretty good and I am proud to say these […]

Summer Salad

  Veggie Choices: Salads are always a healthy option anytime of the day. So, you should try to incorporate it in your meals daily. Remember, the more colors you add to your vegetables the better the salad is. By the way, this is my go-to salad very simple and quick to prepare. You can feel […]

Sassy Water – Part 1

Ever thought of drinking water and getting great benefits while doing so? Water is nutritious on its own, don’t get me wrong but adding extra benefits is a plus. I give this one an A +. I will be tryin several flavored water recipes which I call sassy water because the taste is sassy, and that’s in […]

Perfect Pancakes

Fluffy and can’t deny it 😉 I love pancakes and making different kinds are definitely the way to go, I have to be very creative with coming up with names because you will find various types of pancakes recipes on my blog. They are so easy to make. This took less than 30 minutes and they […]