Joey Burrard- Herb Crush Salmon

We visited the concierge at our hotel and asked for dinner recommendations. She suggested Joey. I had the herb crush salmon. This was an exteremely well-seasoned piece of salmon. I honestly believe if you are looking for great salmon come up to the north. Sockeye Salmon is so delicious. This meal, the herb crush salmon, priced at $25.00 comes in a lemon butter sauce, crispy mashed potato, a vegetable medley consisting of zucchini, asparagus, bell peppers, and carrots. Instead of the crispy mashed potato, I asked for double veggies. Yeah me 🙂

The Keg – Lobster & Shrimp Salad

Our bus tour took us to Grainville Island, it was just about lunchtime, so we stopped at The Keg for lunch. I had one of the best and freshest salads I have ever tasted. I am really trying to keep a stricter vegetarian diet with minimal seafood. I had the lobster and shrimp salad which costs $21. It consisted of artisan greens, lobster and shrimp, black beans, corn, cremini mushrooms, tomatoes and fresh avocado with a mango sesame dressing, topped with pine nuts. Like customary, I requested to have the dressing on the side. In addition no corn (yuk) sorry I hate corn since my childhood, so I asked to be replaced with avocado slices, I also requested to have my lobster steamed and I upgraded my shrimps to jumbo instead which costs an additional $4. I prefer to have my seafood warmed on the salad. This salad was so delicious, take a look and be the judge 🙂

Sccozis – Famous Scoozis Vegetarian Breakfast Pizza

We did not enjoy the $33 dollar breakfast buffet at the hotel we stayed while in Vancouver, so we ventured out to get better breakfast options. And YES  I said that right, $33 US dollars, so having said that we have lots of great breakfast options to share. At Sccozis this is what I had.

This is indeed delicious.  I never had a breakfast pizza before. It consisted of a  mixture of scrambled eggs, cheese, and spinach; topped with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese for 13.95 CAD (Canadian dollars also you can add zucchini and mushrooms for no additional costs which I did, I omitted tomatoe sauce and it was perfect.