Something to Think About!

Something to think about…..

It’s a new year; it is the twenty-second day of the month. Can you believe it?

You probably have or know some one who has one of these on their New Year resolution list: lose weight, get more exercise, walk daily, workout daily, drink more water, drink less coffee, cut back or completely stop drinking soda, have breakfast daily, cook more food at home, eat out less, cut back on sugar, stop eating meat, stop eating gluten, become a vegetarian, become a vegan, eat more fruits, eat more vegetables, stop drinking diary, stop eating wheat, stop eating gluten, and the list goes on.

Not that any of these is bad. Some are excellent decisions. However, some people make resolutions and never keep them. Studies have shown that less than 20% of people continue their resolution until the end of the year.

Let’s forget about the tradition of making a resolution, let us not think of being on a specific diet.

Just be a Healthier You!