What I decided?

Back in July, while on vacation, I decided to take another route and up my game on how I eat. My decision was based on what I have been reading and seeing not because of any health issues. However, I must say I am losing weight and feeling great ever since. I decided to cut back and even stop eating meat, while I was still eating seafood occasionally. I eat more vegetables and certain fruits and lots of beans.

What we must remember that commercially  meats and product are questionable because we do not know how it was produced, prepared, farmed or harvested.

I feel good not eating any meat; it can be difficult sometimes eating out but finding a substitute and knowing how to choose the best foods for your body is the key.

I occasionally eat fish, shrimp, lobster, and salmon, especially while eating out which is very rare. But I have limited these kinds of seafood as well over the past week.

This week I am going all out no seafood either. Trying to save the marine life and chickens!