What Makes The Dock at Clayton Cove Special

Location: At Clayton Cove, Naples, Florida

My partner and I visited Clayton Cove in Naples, Florida on Sunday to explore our options for entertainment. The hotel’s location on the bay provided a breathtaking view, and every window in the hotel offered a glimpse of the stunning Venetian Bay. While browsing through the menu, we made sure to look for vegan options and were pleasantly surprised to discover that the restaurant could accommodate our dietary needs with some modifications. We highly recommend this restaurant to seafood enthusiasts.

The Service

The hostess seated us in a less-than-optimal location, as it was near the doorway where people were coming and going from their yachts for lunch. Although people were still able to pass by, I believe that table should not have been placed there. Nonetheless, it was acceptable. 

When our server arrived, she offered us water, but we declined, and she gave us a strange look. She was attentive to the changes we wanted to make to our order, which was great.

The Order

AJ and I decided to order the roasted vegetable quinoa bowl, which was made up of a combination of quinoa, zucchini, squash, portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and a warm-basil vinaigrette. I added avocado to my bowl and requested the vinaigrette to be served on the side. However, the vinaigrette tasted like tomato sauce and lacked any hint of basil flavor. As a result, I opted not to include it in my salad.

My husband ordered the Cove burger, which was a double patty burger with lettuce, tomato, onion dill, pickles, American cheese, and a secret sauce. He added bacon and requested the omission of the onion and dill pickles. The meal was served with fries, which both AJ and I tried. Unfortunately, the fries did not appear to be freshly cut.

The Ratings

The view was truly magnificent and the cuisine was satisfactory. Nevertheless, AJ and I felt there could have been more options to choose from. With that said, my rating for this experience would be 3.5 out of 5 stars.