What You Need To Know When Dining at CPK in Naples.

Location: Naples, Florida

We have not visited a California Pizza Kitchen CPK for many years, and going plant-based with soy and gluten free has made some it challenging. However when we heard that they sold a cauliflower crust pizza that did not have soy we intended to visit, which we did.

This location is located in a very upscale shopping mall and the layout of the mall is gorgeous.

The Service

The hostess was friendly and greeted us as soon as we entered suggesting if we would prefer inside seating because of the heat versus on the patio. Which we took her offer and sat inside. Our server, which was not too familiar with the menu items. When my husband asked him about a menu item he said he had forgotten the name. My daughter asked if the gluten free pizza had soy he said he would find out. However after leaving our table I saw him tending to two other tables before coming back to give an answer. In the meantime my daughter looked online and found out that there were no soy in their cauliflower crust pizza.

Both my daughter and myself had leftover, and we asked for two boxes he brought the full size pizza box, I asked for the smaller boxes which again tending to another table before bringing it to us. Then I asked for a bag for leftovers, which he never brought. I ended getting one front the hostess on our way out.

The order

My husband had the chicken tequila fettuccine which should have consisted of creamy jalapeño lime sauce with spinach fettuccine, red onions, red bell peppers, and fresh cilantro. My husband asked to omit the fresh cilantro however he got yellow onions and yellow peppers. He liked his dish, despite having to remove the peppers and onions.

My daughter had the cauliflower crust pizza with spinach and no cheese. I also had the same however I added mushrooms to mine as well. The crust was a bit soft but overall tasted good.

The Rating

Despite some issues with the service, I found the atmosphere welcoming and the food generally good. However, I did find the price a bit steep – $25 for a cauliflower crust pizza with no cheese, mushrooms, or spinach. Overall, I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.