Houston-Houston: Mod Pizza

I love traveling, as you all know, and I love tasting different food. As a food blogger and health and wellness coach, I love seeking out great food spots and sharing my experiences with you.

Being vegan can be a bit challenging in some cities. Here in Houston, we stopped by Mod Pizza. Mod is a pizza place comparable to Blaze (see my previous post here.). The look of the place was very pleasing. It was not busy. I was glad that they had gluten-free crust that was also soy-free. Most places do not have both accommodations.

I chose the gluten-free crust with red sauce and topped it with onions, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, crushed garlic, roasted peppers, chopped basil, spinach, cilantro, sea salt, crushed red peppers, and artichokes. They also had chickpeas, a new addition I had never had on a pizza. I also topped it with fresh arugula.

Overall, it was okay. The crust was thin and crispy, which I enjoyed; however, it was also sweet, which I did not like. A pizza sauce makes a pizza, and their sauce is sweet, so that was an extra sweetness. The vegetables were not thinly sliced or tasted nice. My husband enjoyed his pizza with spicy red sauce, pepperoni, and chicken pieces.

It was $9.93 each and $2.70 for having the gluten-free option, which included unlimited toppings. Price-wise, it was reasonable. My total recommendation is that if you have an option between Blaze and Mod, choose Blaze.

It is located at West Galleria at 5777 San Felipe St, Houston, Texas, 77057, and can be reached at +1 (713) 343-4758.

So if you are in the Houston area and want to try this, let me know how you would rate it.