Are you adding salads to any of your meals daily? Do you find that you are eating the same salads every day? Guess what? Salads are an excellent way to get your nutrition and vitamins instead of getting it from a pill. Sadly, not too many of us even eat a basic salad (lettuce and tomatoes without loading it with lots of creamy dressing). I enjoy making and eating salads and I decide to help you find great ways to make them delicious. I eat a salad every day and sometimes even twice a day because I have one for breakfast as well.

From my Salad Creation form, you will be able to choose ingredients from each section to build your salad. You will be able to create a new salad every day for the next 14+ days. Don’t be afraid to try new ingredients you never tried before. You will be surprised by the endless possibilities.

During my time in Australia, I had the opportunity to have most of the ingredients added to my salads. I know the taste is complimentary no matter how little or lot you add of any of the ingredients listed. (With exception to soy, meat, of course, and there is one other ingredient which for some reason I don’t eat because I just don’t like the taste, if you know me well you will more than likely know which ingredient that is 😉 but I am sure it tastes good as well.

I purposely left out serving sizes because it is your creation. 

You will receive the form to the email address you provide once you check out below using the purchase button.

There are options for any type of diet restrictions or allergies!