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Not your Average French Toast

My daughter and I love French toasts. But most French toasts are basically eggs and milk and that’s about it. I always believe when we eat something it should have some type of nutritional value. So […]

Healthy Living

Intolerance or Allergic?

So many people are allergic to so many different foods from nuts, gluten, soy, diary , shellfish and the list goes on. Food allergies can be tested however there are no reliable test for food […]

Food for Thought - (Reading Corner)

Readers’ Corner

I love reading about health, nutrition, food, healthy living, and diets. I am curious to know how others feel about food, health, and most of all treating food as a medicine. In this section, I […]

Food for Thought - (Reading Corner)

The Cleaver Guts Diet

In the book ” The Cleaver Guts Diet” by Dr. Michael Mosley explains how important gut health is. There are extensive research on what foods nourish the gut, what to avoid and the science and […]