Location: Estero, Florida

Today was a bit of a hassle finding a place to eat that catered to our vegan preferences without breaking the bank. After some consideration, we settled on Tijuana Flats for a quick and affordable lunch option.

The Order

This restaurant is renowned for its outstanding selection of hot sauces. During our visit, my AJ and I ordered delicious corn burritos with black beans, lettuce, and pico. I added a side of guacamole to my order, which was also excellent. My husband opted for a burrito with beans, rice, and lettuce. We also received a drink and chips with each meal, along with a side of salsa. To accompany our orders, we received two corn tortillas. Overall, our experience was enjoyable and satisfying.

The Service

This restaurant operates differently from traditional sit-down establishments. Rather than having a server come to your table, you place your order and it is brought to you. Despite this unique setup, the service was good and fast. It’s worth noting that there were only two customers present at the time, which likely contributed to the speedy service.

The Ratings

AJ and I had dined at a Tijuana Flats restaurant approximately a year ago. It was my husband’s first time trying their food, and he remarked that it did not taste like other burritos he had previously tried. Overall, we all agreed to give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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  1. Thank you for finally highlighting Tijuana! I haven’t seen them talk about it, but I love the vegan options!

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