Breakfast, Brunch, & Lunch

Spelt Rolls

Here is another recipe using something different than organic whole wheat or all purpose flour and this came out surprisingly great. I just added everything to my bread machine set on dough setting and have […]

Breakfast, Brunch, & Lunch

Strawberry Colada Pudding

I love having simple breakfast items especially when I am running late. This chia pudding tastes like a pina colada.  Who would not like to start their day with a taste of pina colada?  Ingredients […]

Breakfast, Brunch, & Lunch

Quinoa Breakfast Cakes

I love finding different ways to use quinoa. I have used it as a side, as a porridge, and in a salad. My daughter loves pancakes, which I always make from scratch, but this time […]

Breakfast, Brunch, & Lunch

Apple Hotcakes

Homemade items for breakfast are the best way to go. These hotcakes are simple but very delicious. Ingredients 1 Cup white whole wheat flour 1 Cup milk 1 Tbsp chia seeds 3 Tbsp hemp seeds […]

Appetizers & Snacks

Cheesy Popcorn

Here is a snack idea! Sometimes you want a snack but you’re not sure what to get. Have you ever thought how unhealthy the popcorn at the theatre is? Did you see the number of calories […]