Antigua – St.Johns

Last December, we were on a holiday cruise on the Royal Caribbean. One of our stops was Antigua. What did I Iike about Antigua? It is so green with nature all around. But as a food blogger you know I have to mention the food. Yes, I mentioned that we were on a cruise, but there was no way I will miss out on local food. After all, we had four days at sea, where we will be eating nothing but what is offered onboard.

Before our island tour (picture below of one of their beautiful beaches), we stopped at Cheers for lunch, which is located near the port. I ordered the Caribbean lobster meal, which is my favorite type of lobster, and hubby ordered a fried fish meal which included rice and beans, fry plantains and a side salad. The meals were very large and we both wanted to try both meals so we decided we will both share the lobster and fish. The lobster (pic shown) was delicious, but the fried snapper was exceptional, that was the tastiest fried fish I have ever eaten. It was perfectly seasoned and well fried, not oily at all. Two thumbs up !!

Sorry for not taking a picture, it was so good. When I finished eating the fish, I remembered, oops food blogger here, and I did not take a picture to remember the moment, but take my word for it! This girl knows a good food when she tastes one!

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