Wanting to try something different. We ended here, it was not welcoming, and I was not happy with the scent. It seems to be whatever they used for cleaning supplies. 

The service

When we entered, we asked if they served gluten-free pasta. The hostess, who seemed to also be a busboy, said to check the menu. It seemed to be a language barrier. My husband asked to have someone who speaks English better; however, we realized they sold gluten-free pasta for a $3 upcharge. 

What I was not fond of was while our server was taking our order. When someone opened the door, he looked up and said hold on and went to sit that person. I was unhappy because of that, and the only reason I stayed was that hubby wanted to. Otherwise, that was enough grounds for leaving. 

The Order

I ordered penne pasta which is not my preference, with vegetables ( spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, and mushrooms in a tomato sauce. Other orders were mixed seafood pasta and plain pasta in Pomodoro sauce. We all food the food was good.

The food was good overall! I enjoyed the sauce and the pasta.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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