Austrailia- Brisbane- Queensland

During our vacation here in Australia, we tried to do as many activities as possible. Of course, trying different foods as a health and food blogger is number one on my list. This was a long trip and returning is not something close to mind so we tried to do as many fun stuff especially those having to do with food are a two thumbs up for me.

We did a few lunch/ dinner cruises in the past, but this one was exceptional. Let me tell you more about it: This cruise can be taken at 1 pm ( lunch cruise) or dinner cruise (6 pm). They do not sail every day and they do get completely book so you definitely want to book your reservations early.

The Show Boat Cruise is the best dinner cruise we have been on thus far. This was back in July. Their theme was Chrismas in July.  The dinner cruise consists of a three-course buffet, with live entertainment and a dancefloor while cruising on the Brisbane river. Of course, my post is not about the spectacular view or the 80’s entertainment which was very entertaining and breathtaking but as a health and food blogger, I must write about the delicious food served. This is by far the first dinner cruise that served such great food.

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