What You Could See

While on vacation in 2018, walking in downtown Brisbane I stumbled on this restaurant. I love watching all cooking shows and I love learning about some of the top chefs. Having said that, Jamie Oliver was no exception. I just had to stop and try it out.

One of the things that caught my eyes were what was written on the menu:

Welcome to Jamie’s Italian. We’re all about beautifully sourced ingredients and simply cooked Italian comfort food that makes you happy. I really hope you enjoy your meal.

What You Could Taste

For starters Jade and I had the crispy squid (calamari) It’s sustainably caught and battered with rocket, lemon and aioli. I always ask for dressing on the side, by doing this I am in control of how much is added., I do the same for all condiments (sauces, dressings, and gravies). While hubby had the margherita arancini which is tomato and mozzarella risotto balls with garlic and basil. For the main I had the spaghetti alla norma. This dish is a classic Sicilian pasta dish of eggplant, chili and basil in a rich tomato sauce with hard ricotta. It was very delicious. The sauce was rich and very tasty. The blend of spices were foundation of this dish. Jade asked for a pasta with chicken in a red sauce, not on the menu but it was prepared for her and she enjoyed it. Gramey had the Gennaro’s Tagliatelle Bolognese. He loves a variety of meat and this dish was able to satisfy that need, It consisted of pork, beef and red wince ragu, topped with pangrattato & parmesan. He also enjoyed his dish a well. So overall the dishes were very delicious, price was reasonable and the ambience was nice. There was a mini book shelf with Jamie’s cookbooks. The service was excellent. I highly recommend dining at any Jamie’s location.

Update: Due to the Covid pandemic, this location has been permanently closed, however there are other restaurants in different countries that are still operational.

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  1. Love it, sad to hear about the closing:(

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