About The Challenge

On May 1, day number 121 of 365, we will be starting our 14 Day Fitness Challenge. Some of us have become sedentary over the last year. The goal of this challenge is motivation- either from or to you, to move more in May. Sometimes a little motivation goes along way, whether you are the giver or the receiver.

It’s FREE and open to everyone, regardless of your age or location! The only “cost” is your time, which is so valuable.

You are SO WORTH IT!

For 14 days, you will post your daily workouts in one of our group platforms noted below. This way, you will be sharing your exercise activity which serves as an encouragement and motivation to others.

One of our group admins will post morning and afternoon reminders to make sure everyone is

The Groups

The best way I put this is that we all move, but is how we MOVE. Our first group are those that sit most of the day, although they may stand but it is a requirement probably for work, I call that group the less workers. My less workers just need that motivation to start moving. On the other hand, some of us are extremely motivated- our hard workers– and has taken this time to move because they simply enjoy it. Another group might be moving but not as consistent as they would like to… let’s call them mid-workers.

The truth is it does not matter which group you fall in. We all should be moving because that is part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Challenge Dates

The kickoff begins on May 1 thru the 14th. Be sure to join our group before May 1 so you can join the FUN.

The Types Of Workouts

When I first introduced the concept to a couple of people, the first I was told was, “I am too busy”. Well, let me please explain; I am not going to be selecting your workouts nor am I giving you any specifics on the type of workout. This is totally up to you.

So, here is the deal: You simple have to track any exercise…. YES ANY; whatever you do for exercise: dancing, kickboxing, walking, Tae Bo, Zumba, resistance training, hiking, cardio, cycling, strength training, yoga, Pilates, running, etc. It does not matter. The only requirement is exercising for at least 30 minutes and/or reaching 10,000 steps daily.

Please don’t be hard on yourself if you only can do 15 or 20 minutes. YOU MOVED and that counts as much as my requirement above.

Joining a Group Platform

Everyday, you will be required to share your workout with your group. We have two platforms for your convenience. Choose either platform or join both :-):

14 Day Fitness on WhatsApp

14 Day Fitness on Facebook

How to Share Your Workout

If you have a fitness tracking device: Apple watch, Fitbit tracker, or Garmin this will be the easiest method. However, there are lots of great free apps for Apple and Android phones including Runkeeper, Fitocracy, and Strava . Be sure to share which one you use!

If you are not using an app or tracking device, don’t let that stop you! Please still join by simply stating your workout along with a picture showing your view, the building (if it is at a gym, the YouTube video (you just need to be true to yourself)

For example:

30 minutes walk from home to the gas station and back. (picture of the scenery on your walk)

30 minutes boxing (the boxing bag and gloves)

32 minute YouTube video ,

Share your workouts as links or even pictures, and yes you can definitely include yourself in the pictures so others can be encouraged from what you are doing.

Encouragement, Support, and Motivation

Admins and moderators will make sure each person is recognized at least once during the challenge. Everyday we will choose a person as OUR DAY MOVER so we can all show some love to that person with encouraging words.

To be fully engaged, you are required to participate for at least 10 days; however, I would love to see you post all 14 days- even on those days you choose as a REST DAY. After 12 check-ins, you will be entered into a drawing.

For an additional entry into the drawing and a chance to win either our clean eating shopping or pantry makeover package.

Comment below by sharing either:

What motivates you?

Why did you join?

My Goal

My desire is for us to move more and the perfect time to begin is in May. I hope you would accept this challenge so we can all move more. I would love to summarize all our accomplishments over the 14 days, but I can’t do it alone. I need you to join me!

I believe we are better and stronger together than alone. Let’s MOVE MORE starting in MAY.


  1. This is awesome! I’m excited to start the challenge with you

    1. Thank you for joining, we will have fun!!!

  2. Am definitely in. I shared “Move in May” with persons who I know want to move but just put off. I will be definitely moving and motivating others to. It works wonder for me

    1. Thanks for sharing, the more the merrier. Thanks for accepting the challenge.

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