Florida – Clearwater.

While we were in Clearwater, Florida we visited Island Way Grill. I love lobster, so when I travel and especially eat out I love to try lobster dishes if it’s on the menu. This lobster dish was delicious. Listed on the menu as follows:

Florida Keys Roasted Lobster Tails served with wasabi mashed potatoes. Single tail $21.90, twin tails $ 39.90 or jumbo 1 1/4 lb. tail $ 49.90.

I am not a big fan of mash potato so I substituted it for jasmine coconut rice a very nice compliment to the lobster. The lobster is well seasoned and properly cook, its just perfect. As you can see from the picture I just had to opt for the twin tails, twice the taste, twice the delicacy.

If you are ever in the Clearwater area, I highly recommend this restaurant. The seafood is fresh and you can definitely taste it which is a great advantage. I give this dish 5 stars.

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