I will be listing my top two (2) buys for the week.

  1. If you are like me and love cooking, you may have leftovers every now and again. There may be the need to store marinated fish or chicken or leftover cooked beans because you cooked the entire bag of beans. I love these glass pyrex bowls. They are stackable, freezer, and oven safe. What I love most about these pyrex bowls, for some reason I was missing covers. Weird right! However, I was also able to purchase replacement covers.

2. Do you forget to drink water? Do you want a reminder? I found just the right water bottle. I bought this for my daughter as a birthday gift because she sometimes forgets to drink water or just does not keep count of how many cups she drank. I like this water bottle. The first one is glass if you want to stay away from plastic completely. The two others are plastic, however BPA free. The last option is if you are always on the go and loves a nice hot cup of tea like me or coffee for the coffee-lovers; this is my selection. It is insulated so won’t burn your fingers or won’t break easily if it slips out of your hand and fits perfectly in your cupholder.

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