Fort Grant – Amador Causeway

Our trip was very nice and getting around was easy. We had an assigned taxi driver who showed us all the good places to eat and get local food. This place he brought us he told us that it was outside the city but would be worth the ride. It took us probably 30-45 minutes to get the the location. That was very scenic. There were lots of restaurants and shopping. Your typical touristy area. What was not so touristy was the restaurant he brought us to: Bucaneros. It is located on a marina so surrounded the beautiful sea.

Our Food

We started with crab cakes and calamari, as I stated before that my daughter and I love trying calamari when we go out to eat. Both the calamari and the crab cake was delicious. Alongside that my husband and I ordered a seafood soup, it was properly seasoned and very flavorful. For main dish my daughter had chicken parmesan with fries. She loved the chicken parmesan. My hubby and I had the lobster thermidor. Talk about finger licking delicious. This was one of the best lobster thermidors I have EVER tasted. I had with with stem vegetables and fries. It was so delicious that the very same day we made a second trip and ate the exact same meal. What was so interesting it was not the same cook as we realized the plating and a flight difference in flavor, however it was still very delicious. Two thumbs up, it was also well priced. So I highly recommend visiting if you are in the area.

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