“I am a 42-year-old female that thought that I could have never lost weight. I was 101 kilos (222 pounds) on August 11-2017. A surgery that should have taken half hour took 2 hours because of so much belly fat. When the surgeon told me I need to lose weight, I took it very seriously and went to Dr. Dee for an example of an eating plan she uses. I started on August 15-2017 and now October 6-2017 I lost 15 pounds, just by using the plan. My concluding plan based on the resources she gave included drinking 3 bottles of water and no sodas and my tea is drunk without sugar. I ate three times a day and that includes sometimes a shake. The shake is mainly vegetables and 1 fruit. I love popcorn but only ate the air-popped with no salt as she does. My diet is basically normal, I ate less food and my bread is either Ezekiel bread or homemade. My lunch usually contains many more salads than sides now.

I am feeling great and looking even younger! Thanks, Dee”


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