Dr. D was amazing. I have spent the past two years you could say trying to get into shape and just live a better lifestyle because I’m honestly getting older and need to. But I have kinda been slacking and was honestly just not excited about having to eat a bunch of salad all the time. And the times that I did try I did not see any change and making the attempt quickly got boring. So happy I took the chance to speak with the Doc and was able to be excited about a healthy lifestyle. I felt like I had someone with me supporting me every day until I was able to do it on my own. So far I lost 15 lbs and about 3 inches on my waist and went down a dress size. The biggest gain though was just feeling better overall, having more energy, and a healthier gut. I would definitely recommend the Doc, she teaches you how to eat without taking out all the things you like and it honestly just feels amazing knowing that I’m doing this for me and I’m not alone on my journey.

~ Kelly