When I met Dee, I wasn’t happy where I was. It was my first semester of college and freshman 15 was a real thing for me. I had a meal plan with access to fast food on campus with a swipe of a card.

Dee helped me change the way I ate by making food at home during the weekends and stocking my fridge. I minimized my meal plan to the least available as an on-campus student.

I exercised about once a week, but the change in eating, with her pantry and recommendations, helped me lose weight.

With her helping me create my wellness vision I also received recommendations for dietary needs with being gluten intolerant.

I started thinking about doing an entire eating change. I didn’t eat eggs anymore and was never a fan of milk. When I spoke to Dee about wanting to transition to vegetarian and eventually vegan, she told me it was possible. She saw my vision and helped me transition slowly at a speed I was comfortable with. Dee taught me the difference between plant-based veggies and junk food veggies.

Today, I can proudly say I have been a plant-based vegan for a year and a vegetarian a year prior.

Thanks, Dee.