Hmm, what do I want to bring in my child’s classroom that I would also eat…

Have you ever signed up to bring something to your child’s classroom? As a mom, grandma, or guardian it is more than likely you did and several times I can imagine. When my sweet girl was in kindergarten I always was the mom who would volunteer to bring something that I know that I would not mind my child eating. Now twelve years later, senior year I am thinking the same way, of course, my eating habits have changed but the concept of what would something my senior would love to eat.

While there were donuts, milk, and yoohoo (chocolate drink) for breakfast, I signed up for fruits and thought this is the best, healthiest, the most nutritious item on the list 🙂  Guess what, it was!!  I scored big, the seniors ate all the fruits which consisted of strawberries, green and red grapes (see the beautiful colors above) while there were donuts left over I did not even get to a full cup of fruits remaining. Points achieved keeping my senior and her fellow classmates healthy!!;-)

Snack ideas
  • Fruits: Always choose fruits that can easily be picked up, eat quickly, and a bit firm such as grapes, strawberries or blueberries.
  • Veggies or fruit sticks: cucumber, carrots, celery, apple and dipped in hummus, peanut butter, or ranch dressing

Whatever you decide to bring, remember to think of the nutritional value of it, if there is no nutritional value then it’s a BIG NOOOO!!


  1. Fruit is one of my favorite snacks but I always forget about it after a couple days and it goes bad 🙁

    xo, Kimberly

  2. You scored big! Wow, I need to do that!

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