Ok, this is my first smoothie breakfast bowl, and I must say that it was very delicious and filling.  This nutritious breakfast is vegan-friendly.  There are sometimes I prefer to chew my breakfast and smoothie does not cut it, so with some recommendations from my nutritionist  I created this breakfast bowl.


3 cups spinach

1/4 Haas avocado

1/3 cups yogurt

1 scoop protein powder

3 dates pitted and soaked overnight

2 Tbsp  chia seeds

2/3 cups water

Fresh mints leaves (optional)


Blend all the above ingredients. I use a Vitamix, which I use the soup option to get the smoothie a bit warm after all this is breakfast :-). When well blended in a bowl, the wider the better. Then add each of these ingredients. Enjoy

When well-blended pour in a bowl, the wider the better. Then add each of these ingredients. Enjoy

Additions: per bowl

1 tsp oats

1 tsp ground flax seed

1 tsp quinoa flakes

1 tsp hemp hearts

1 cup strawberry

1/2 cup blueberry

Note: I use only organic ingredients. Check out my post, on My Favorite Protein Powder to see which one I used. 

I always keep hemp seed, ground + flax oil, also chia seeds on hand. 


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