Eating and Drinking During a Meal


When dining out, once you are seated, the server asks what do you want to drink and most of us will have a soda, lemonade, juice, beer, wine or even that drink from the bar; mojito, pina colada, and for the big and little kids Shirley Temple or Arnold Palmers ….just to name a few.

Yes, don’t get me wrong! Some of us do opt for (hot) water with or without lemons ( like myself most of the times), but based on the latter not too many of us choose this option.

In Florida and most U.S. States, soft drinks are refillable at restaurants. So before you finish the glass that is almost watered down another is waiting for you. You then crave the sweetness and you start drinking it.

Here is how to solve that, opt for water.

I guarantee that you won’t drink 1 glasses of water before your meal 1 during your meal and another after your meal or with your dessert. Well, some people might but the likelihood got someone to drink 3 – 32oz glasses of water during lunch or dinner is small. However, this happens with guests who choose soft drinks.

The average person drinks at least 2 drinks usually in a 32oz glass during lunch or dinner depending on where they came from. If they were out and about, doing any kind of walking outdoors; like at a theme park, they may double that serving to 4 glasses.

Here is something to remember when you have a meal, fluids are the first thing to pass through your stomach and get absorbed. So if you had water or tea ( preferably water) that’s great. However, if you had a soda, then you will get a big sugar spike which is calories which may make you feel hungry afterward.

So, opt for water and have it before you begin eating.

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