Where to Eat While Vacationing on St. Maarten

We tend to gain couple pounds while we are on vacation. The choices are endless and there are lots to eat and drink. I love travelling and tasting all the different types of food while vacationing or even during any staycation. 

We just returned from St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean island. The feel of being on an island makes it different because there is the beautiful crystal water on the beaches that will definitely be of interest whether you are a swimmer or not. I have travelled to 5 different continents and so far, there are no beautiful beaches that what you can find in the Caribbean. 

Paying attention to what we ate was my priority.

Here are some tips that I follow when we are  on vacation :

1. No fast food! ( I am talking about your burgers, subways, KFC etc.) 

2. Choice of beverage: WATER

3. Prepare most meals instead of eating out (if possible)

4. Don’t skip breakfast! (if this is something you usually do you definitely don’t want to do it on vacation because your options for lunch might not be the best choices. 

5. Portion control is the key when the scrumptious desserts are calling out your name. I do not avoid desserts but I usually choose the mini option and also limit the amount of times. 

6. Exercise. Do some form of exercise. When we are on vacation we walk a lot. I can easily get 15,000 steps daily. 

Here are  two of our favorite restaurants if you choose to eat out during your stay in St. Maarten:

La Rosa Too ( Maho Beach area on Dutch half of the island )

Spiga ( Grand Case area on the French half  of the island )

What is your biggest challenge during vacations? Eating or shopping???

The Must Visit Restaurants While Vacationing on St. Maarten 

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