Intolerance or Allergic?


So many people are allergic to so many different foods from nuts, gluten, soy, diary , shellfish and the list goes on.

Food allergies can be tested however there are no reliable test for food intolerance.

Ofcourse, we know allergies are more severe, some people can even be hospitalized by coming in close contact to the food they are allergic to. That’s one of the worst. Others even get swollen tongues, mouths, and eyes, or even hives breakout etc.

Have you ever thought if you had a food intolerance? The best way to find out is to do an exclusion diet. That simple, exclude the food you think is an intolerance from your diet keep track of any changes after a week add it back in. How did you feel ? Bloated? Fatigue? Just right ? Same? Better?

Let me share my food allergy and food intolerance experiences.

While in college I found out I was allergic to pork. After having a ham sandwich for breakfast and then some pork-chops for lunch. My face, tongue and lips were swollen. My aunt took me to the doctor and I was given an epidural and pills. The doctor told me in a week try it again and sure enough same thing happened. So that was the end of all the baked ham I use to love eating during Christmas time.

I did a food test about 5 years ago that showed I was allergic to soy. I always felt really sick after eating anything with soy especially with soy sauce but ignored the warning until one day I was very sick in the stomach.

What lately I realized that when I eat anything with gluten I feel so bloated. Fuller than I am actually. Such as eating pasta I would eat 2 spoons full of pasta and I feel so stuffed, bread gives me the same feeling. So based on my advice I have started the exclusion diet of wheat. To see how that goes. I had lots of opportunities while on vacation for gluten free pasta and bread. But that was not s full commitment. This is something I will try for a week and see how it goes.

If you feel you have an intolerance of any food. Try the exclusion diet for a week! Let me know if it worked. Try excluding one food group at a time.

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