Key Components of Good Nutrition


Ever wonder what is the right step to a good nutrition. Well once you know the eight components you are on your way to success. These 8 components can change the way you feel and look:

1) Alkaline forming foods:
Food: All green vegetables, seaweed, and algae
Benefits: Improves bone strength, reduces inflammation, improves muscle efficiency, and reduces the risk of diseases.

2) Antioxidants:
Food: Organic berries, organic dark-colored fruits, organic colorful vegetables and green tea
Benefits: Protects the cellular health, speeds physical recovery, reduce the risk of diseases and improves skin’s appearance and elasticity.

3) Calcium:
Food: Dark leafy vegetables e.g spinach, kale, collard greens and unhulled sesame seeds
Benefits: Improves muscle function and efficiency, increases bone strength and reduces the risk of osteoporosis

4) Electrolytes:
Food: Coconut water, molasses, molasses sugar, seaweed, banana, tomatoes, celery.
Benefits: Helps maintain hydration, improves the fluidity of muscle contractions, increases the heart’s efficiency, lowers heart rate, improves endurance, and boosts mental clarity

5) Essential fats:
Food: sacha inchi, chia, flaxseed, and hemp.
Benefits: Improves endurance, increases the body’s ability to burn body fat and fuel, improve the ability to stay well hydrated and improves joint function

6) Iron:
Food: Pumpkin seeds and leafy greens (especially kale).
Benefits: Improves blood’s oxygen-carrying ability, increases physical stamina and boosts energy.

7) Phytonutrients:
Food: Colorful and green vegetables.
Benefits: Improve heart health, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and improves blood vessel elasticity thereby improving circulation.

8) Raw food:
Food: Fruits, nuts, seeds, and most vegetables.
Benefits: Improves digestibility of most (non-starchy) foods, maintains higher vitamin content in most foods and allows for higher net gain and therefore more energy.

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