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Last year we visited Spain. We spent 8 days in Barcelona and 7 days in Madrid. We were in Madrid from December 26, 2019, to January 2, 2020. On New Year’s day, everywhere were closed which was unusual for us, because even restaurants were closed. Looking all around while we walked in the downtown Madrid tourist area we realized Le Pain Quotidien was the only eatery that was opened.

This was a good sign because we were looking for somewhere we could have a late lunch. The server was very friendly, while his English was not that good he made an extra effort which was very inviting. He got us English translated menus and we decided to sit and have a late lunch. For drinks, they had a homemade lemonade with fresh mint cost €3.50, they were very good. So fresh! Jade and I had two each. Delicious!!! Jade ordered the free-range chicken and smoked mozzarella, with marinated courgette, tomato, and pesto. It was new on the menu and cost €11.98. I had the vegetable lasagna €12.30 and after seeing several chia puddings being served I asked our server to have one. It was made with coconut milk, very delicious as well.

This bakery as described on their menu ” we make simply scrumptious food and drinks using local and organic ingredients as often as we can “. This is exactly what was offered to us. I give Le Pain Quotidien, 5 stars for taste and 5 stars for service. I highly recommend visiting for a quick lunch.

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  1. Agh, take me back to get more!! So delicious. Lovely post! The photos really help me see how everything looks!

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