I love trying out new stuff, but again who doesn’t. I believe we all like getting something new, whether it is something you bought yourself or something someone bought for you. I have always been contemplating having an air fryer. But, with so many options it was hard to make a wise decision. Some of my friends showed me theirs and each having a different one, all different than this one here. I gave this one a try.

So my great buy for this week was an air fryer. My first try was some cauliflower bits, they were very delicious. Then next I tried some green beans. They both were very crunchy. I only sprayed the veggies with a little olive oil. It was cooked to perfection and tasted perfect. This will definitely be my new way to have more vegetables as snacks. What was even better I did not precook the veggies.

Jade and I had a 10 oz bag of cauliflower and 16 oz bag of green beans. Oh so good. 🙂 Next up I will try some meat and chickpeas. The cauliflower took 15 minutes and the green beans 10 minutes. The clean up was super easy.

This is a great buy and I do recommend. This is a great way to have “healthy ” foods with not all the loaded fat that is not good for us.

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  1. Great! I also got one about the same time you did. Looking forward for some awesome recipes

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