New Goals Require Some Effort

Each year you hear people are making all different goals. Usually use the word resolution. However I like to see them more as goals. We cannot achieve our goals if we are not discipline enough. No matter what type of goal it is. Whether it is exercise more , walking more, drinking more water, drinking less sodas, or other things like reading bible more or even staying in touch with a family member or friend more. Everything listed above require discipline.

What is Discipline?

According to the Merrian Webster dictionary, discipline is:

  1. Control gained by enforcing obedience or order.
  2. Orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern
  3. Self-control

So we clearly see that discipline requires work. Many of us start with great goals on eating healthy or working out everyday . However about this time of the year many have already changed their minds or come up with excuses why it may not work. We have to remember that we must start small and stay consistent. If your goal is to loose weight then start by exercising change the way you are eating saying it alone will not help. Keep in mind that small decisions can yield big results over time.

How to be Discipline

Discipline starts in the mind before it can bring results in your life. Negative thinking can lead to stress, which affects our bodies natural healing capacity. Fill your mind with good, positive, kind and lovely thoughts. Good medicine is laughing, relaxing, being happy, taking it easy and enjoying people.

Understanding to Condition Your Mind

Remember discipline is choosing what you want most over what we want at a specific time. So, take time to really think about what you want most. Remember to start small. If you try to change everything at once, you will likely be frustrated and give up.

Small changes yield great results.

This is My Story

After I completed our 14 day challenge I was disciplined enough to continue my workout regime. I know the benefits of MOVING my body daily and was determined to do just that. Owing an apple watch made it even easier for me. Here are an explanation of my daily goals:

Stand – 12: This is the number of hours where I stand and move about for at least one minute during the hour.

Move – 650 : This is the amount of active energy I burn by moving, this is where light house hold chores, walking or low impact workouts come in to play.

Exercise – 30 minutes: This is the number of minutes of exercise.

Steps: 10, 000: This is the amount of steps

So what I have been doing over the past 50 days is achieving all my goals listed above and yes it does require determination and awareness.

Sticking to the Goal

This has become a daily habit to me now just as doing my daily devotions. Some days were easier than others. Some days I even did not feel like working out, but despite how I felt I remained disciple enough to still accomplish my goals.

So my suggestion to you ; whatever your goal is stick to it.

You will see results in due time.

Start walking everyday

Start drinking water instead of sodas or juices.

Start a healthy eating routine

Start having 7-9 hours sleep

Start accepting that YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE! You won’t be disappointed! Let’s do this!

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  1. This is great Dee. I’ll take these and apply them in my life to be more self-disciplined.

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