I know so many of us, do not get our recommended water intake daily. Somedays, I am guilty as well. The reasons range from:

  • Not thirsty
  • Don’t like the taste
  • Forgot
  • Prefer juices or sodas

Here are some combinations, I guarantee you will change your mind on how you see and taste water from now on.

Of course, you must be disciplined enough to actually make and drink it!

Preparation: Pour filtered water into a large pitcher add sliced fruits or spice and let sit for at least six (6) hours however overnight is preferred. The next day, enjoy as a replacement for all your drinks during the day.

Note: In the Cinnabon option use warm water, this will help to get the flavor of the cinnamon stick.

Try all these combinations and let me know which is your favorite?

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  1. Lovely post! This is such an amazing way. I’m one of those who sometimes don’t get enough. Thank you for sharing!! Love the graphic!

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