I received so many colored carrots from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Share, so I wanted to be creative and not just roast, boil, or juice them. Well, I probably will juice some, like I mentioned it’s a lot and I mostly have purple and the combo purple orange. Those are pretty ones.:-)

Here is how this recipe came to mind…. there is always a story. :-). I remembered about four years ago while in St.Maarten we went out for dinner and I had whatever the dish was but I clearly remembered the carrot salad. I had never tasted it before. It was only the regular orange carrots and there were raisins in it. It tasted as if sugar was also included because it was a little more on the sweeter side, there were few raisins and what I liked most about that salad it was not made with mayonnaise, you know like your regular coleslaw. I did not eat it anywhere else after that time, however, today this salad came to mind and I decided to give it a BNHYOU style. So here goes…


1 Orange carrot (peeled and grated)

1 Purple carrot (peeled and grated)

1 Yellow carrot (peeled and grated)

1 Tablespoon olive oil

1 Teaspoon balsamic vinegar

1/4 teaspoon (garlic) salt (optional)

1/2 teaspoon maple syrup

1/2 cup raw walnuts


  1. Add your grated carrots in a salad bowl and set aside.
  2. In another bowl combine the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, and salt if adding and whisk.
  3. Add the vinaigrette to your grated carrots and fluff lightly with a fork.
  4. Your last ingredient, walnuts, to add a little crunch; add your walnuts and give another fluff with a fork.
  5. Ready to serve, enjoy!

Note: If you don’t have tri-colored carrots, no worries this will work with your regular orange carrots, you may want to add a little less sweetener because orange carrots are typically sweeter than the purple and yellow. Some other variations to add with your all orange carrots can be radishes or beets. This recipe is versatile so you can sub the balsamic vinegar for apple cider vinegar or regular vinegar. If you do not have walnuts any type of raw nuts will work you want to have that crunch! This is one of the key things to remember when preparing a salad.


I use only organic or home-grown ingredients as much as possible.


  1. Wow Dee! I would have never thought about this! Thanks for sharing! It’s so cool that you have a CSA

    1. I am thinking you will like this one since you do like grated carrots and the vinaigrette is not that heavy in it.

      I think it is important we know where our food is coming from, if we do not grow our own food then we should know our farmers. It is also important we eat by season; so what is growing now, because you know you are getting the freshest fruits, herbs, and vegetables that are readily available. Having said that, I enjoy picking up my share weekly at our local farmers market.

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