Appetizers & Snacks

Basic Granola Mix

After reading the ingredients on a package of granola in the cereal aisle at a grocery store. I decided I will give it a try. Once I saw how easy it was, the possibilities are endless. This, however, […]


Nut Your Average Milk

I have made almond milk several times, still need to write a post. Almonds are very common when making milk but other nuts as walnut, macadamia or cashews are less used. You always see almond milk in […]

Breakfast, Brunch, & Lunch

Vegan Pancakes

Every day I want to try to eat as more nutritious as possible. Not only for weight loss but to be healthier. One of the ways is eliminating refined white or cane sugar and white flour from […]

Breakfast, Brunch, & Lunch

Quinoa Breakfast Cakes

I love finding different ways to use quinoa. I have used it as a side, as a porridge, and in a salad. My daughter loves pancakes, which I always make from scratch, but this time […]