I wanted to try something different, and as always I like to include more nutritious ingredients as possible so the following was created.


Strawberry Sauce

    • 3 Cups fresh strawberries
    • 2 – 4 Tbsp coconut  palm sugar (depending on the sweetness of the strawberries)

French Toast 

        • 2 Tbsp flax seeds
        • 1 Tbsp chia seeds
        • 1 Tsp hemp seeds
        • 5 Egg whites
        • 1/4 Cup applesauce
        • 1/4 Cup milk
        • 6 Slices of bread


Begin by making your sauce, which is the topping.

          • Slice 1 cup strawberries and add the remaining strawberries whole in a cast iron pot on low heat.
          • Add the coconut palm sugar and stir until strawberries are soft and cooked.
          • Turn stove off and cover the pot to retain some heat.

Now for the french toast

Heat griddle over medium heat.

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