This milk is originated from the name golden because the milk has a golden color, which comes from turmeric also known as Curcuma Longa. Did you know that turmeric is very good for you?

The Benefits of Turmeric

    • Gradually increases antioxidants in your body
    • Aids in controlling diabetes
    • Aid in preventing (and potentially even treating) cancer
    • Helps lower cholesterol levels
    • Useful in aiding the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
    • Used for skin treatments
    • Beneficial to those who suffer from depression
    • Used for gastrointestinal treatments
    • Help relieve arthritis
    • Aid in the management of your weight

There are two options the long way using the fresh turmeric always recommended as my go-to- option. However, make sure you have “real” turmeric. Real turmeric stains your fingers; it supposes to. I have bought fresh turmeric and it looked nothing like this, so when you can’t get a fresh turmeric you can still make it using my second option.

Option 1: Using fresh turmeric

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