Every year, the environmental working group (EWG) updates the list above.  I am happy to share the updated list with you. Sometimes we should spend a little extra on the food we eat because some farmers are now adding pesticides to their crops making the food we eat less nutritious and even detrimental to our health.  I tend to spend a little extra by purchasing organic items. While I may purchase organic onions and cabbages which are both on clean 15 lists, I won’t spend the extra on an organic pineapple, banana, or even avocado, simply because the skins are really thick.

If the price of organic is not in your budget, try supporting your local farmers market vendors and buy what is in season. Another way is to grow your own, which I also do. Currently, I am growing tomatoes, bell peppers, herbs (parsley, oregano, and rosemary) zucchinis, cucumbers, swiss chards, bok choys, and lettuces. The little changes go a long way

The little changes go a long way, maybe it’s your time…


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