Vitamin D and its benefits 

Vitamin D benefits us. We know there are several types of vitamins and each one has its own benefits to us. Vitamins and minerals are very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While vitamins are readily available in foods, this is only visible if you are eating a wholesome diet. Based on our eating pattern we may fall short on certain vitamins and this is when supplements do come in place. 

Vitamin D benefits and our deficiency

Are you more than 8 hours indoors?



Have trouble concentrating?

Well if you answer yes to any of the above questions you may be vitamin D deficient. Three-fourths of Americans are vitamin D deficient, I was one of them based on my 2016 physical results.

What are the benefits of taking vitamin D?

  • Absorbs calcium keeping our bones healthy
  • Maintains the immune system and brain development

Where do we get vitamin D?

  • Sun exposure
  • Often added to cow’s milk, so milk and orange juice
  • Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel
  • Beef liver, cheese, and eggs (limited amount)

One of the supplements several doctors recommend taking is vitamin D.

When to take vitamin D supplements and how many?

1000 IU daily of vitamin D.  If taking a multivitamin make sure vitamin D meets this requirement. The national level for vitamin D is 30, you should make sure when tested your level is 30 and above. Vitamin D supplements should be taken with the largest meal of the day to get the maximum benefit.

What do you take to make sure you are getting adequate amount of vitamin D?

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  1. Great post D! Would the number be the same if it is a multivitamin? How much vitamin D should I look for in a mixed vitamin?

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