Have you ever wonder what items are must-have kitchen staples? So which items without a doubt will be needed in your pantry? Well, these ingredients always kept in my pantry they are my must-have items. They serve so many basic uses.

Nutritional yeast is one of the ingredients in my cheesy popcorn recipe also can be used in mac and cheese or any recipe needing that cheesy flavor without the dairy. 

Apple cider vinegar can be used in salad dressings and marinades. I like getting Braggs but keep in mind your ant the apple cider vinegar with “mother”, which would be like a strand-like strain of enzymes moving around in the bottle when you shake it. Raw, organic, and unfiltered should be your choice. It poses so many health benefits, from cleansing, improving acne, toning skin, and may balance blood sugar levels. 

Herbed sea salt: This herbed seasoning salt is my go-to seasoning. It is packed with natural sea salt infused with organic herbs and vegetables. The blend consists of celery, leek, watercress, onions, chives, parsley, lovage, garlic, basil, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, and kelp. Rember it is sea salt so you still want to use sparingly. 

Everything bagel seasoning: I came across this and Is totally in love with it. I use it as a base for my homemade pizza, sprinkle on bread dough for that bagel kind of taste, however, it is perfect on pasta, sandwiches, eggs, and as a seasoning to vegetables. The blend consists of dehydrated garlic and onion, organic white and black sesame seeds, Himalayan salt, and poppy seeds.  Although very simple ingredients, I can’t get all these ingredients so buying it premade is so much easier. 


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  1. I use this everything bagel seasoning in everything!! It’s so tasty and adds a great flavour to the food

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