Sometimes deciding what to have for breakfast can be a challenge. Here are my top three main breakfast options. 

1. Oatmeal: along with its heart-healthy benefits, it also helps you lose weight. Oatmeal has 4 grams of fiber, 21 net carbs, and almost no fat unless your add-in. A quick one would be my overnight oatmeal 

2. Eggs: low in calories, high in protein and have zero carbs. There are zero carbs, no fat, and only 20 calories in one egg white. Here are different ways to have your eggs :

Egg whites omelet  with salad

Whole eggs veggie omelet with a side of roasted potatoes

Scrambled eggs with spinach

Hard-boiled eggs with fruits or salad

Quiche with salad 

Over easy egg on steamed cabbage 

3. Greek yogurt: While it comes in many different flavors, go for plain and add berries, seeds, and nuts.

I highly recommend buying organic eggs and yogurt! Now that I have given you some breakfast options, I do hope that you start your day off right! Let me know what is your go-to breakfast option.



  1. These look like great options! I always struggle with choosing, but not anymore! Thanks Dr. Dee!

  2. I’ve really been getting into oats! Thanks for suggesting such an easy breakfast idea!

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