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Not your Average French Toast

My daughter and I love French toasts. But most French toasts are basically eggs and milk and that’s about it. I always believe when we eat something it should have some type of nutritional value. So […]

Main Dishes & Sides

Grilled Herbed Chicken

My sweet girl Jade loves grilled chicken. Of course, the best part to grill is the chicken breast. While I am not a meat eater. I do cook meat (chicken) at home for the rest of […]

My Favorites

Protein Powders

There are so many different protein powders on the market. I have tried many types but these are some of my favorites based on taste and quality. I opt for organic and plant-based protein powders. They […]

Main Dishes & Sides

Herb Roasted Chicken

It is sometimes so easy to prepare a dish and let the oven do the rest of the work. This recipe requires some prep work which is to marinate the chicken overnight but that is […]