I was never a coffee drinker. You know, the ones who wake up in the morning and must have two cups of coffee before they leave the house or the person who has an automatic timer coffee pot that prepares the coffee so when they awake it’s just pouring time. No, I am and was never one of those people. I use to drink a Starbucks coffee every now and again back in college, but at home, I always drank tea. Coffee used to be a more “out of the house”  drink and always found that tea has so many more benefits. My last times were on our visit to Argentina and Spain; I just had to try their local coffee. Our visit to London was fantastic with the various tea shops. Loved having tea time, as a matter of fact, I do have tea time home in the States.  🙂

So over the past two to three years, I haven’t had any coffee. I love tea. Not only is it refreshing but, it’s also a “good for you” drink in the mornings and after meals.

These are my top four favorite flavors:

Mint:  The menthol in mint stimulates sensory neurons, providing a sudden cooling sensation. This stimulates alertness, energy, and even motivates athletes to work out longer and harder. Add grated ginger for extra flavor.

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