I am not the one who would usually cook lots of pasta or rice dishes, however when I do I do try to make it a bit more nutritious than a bowl of loaded carbs. When selecting any pasta I choose one with the least ingredients. While I do make fresh pasta at home, it is also time-consuming so one having the least ingredients is the best choice. Be mindful that not because a pasta is listed as organic or gluten free it is a better option because sometimes that is not the case.

I try not to use aluminum foil in the oven so I am not using the regular lasagna sheets that need to be boiled first. I also use both aluminum foil and parchment paper. Which I covered the glass dish first with the parchment paper then followed with foil. So here is my take on this dish.


1/2  Box Barilla lasagne (1lbs)

1 cups sour cream

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