Cooking the Perfect Pasta 

Some people may find it a but more difficult to cook pasta. Fresh made pasta has a shorter cook time than store / package. To begin you cooking the perfect pasta you should by putting a big pot of water to boil. I hold off on the salt but I do add a little oil to prevent the pasta from sticky to each other.

Add pasta to boiling water. Cook pasta in a big pot and test it several times for doneness, thus slightly hard or underdone in the center. 

When you drain the pasta, don’t rinse it. That’s so in-Italian. 🙂 The natural gluteus left on the pasta will make your sauce stick to the noodles. This works the same way if you are using gluten free pasta. 

Save about 1/4 cup of pasta water to add to the sauce at the last minute. Helps kick up the taste and enriches the sauce without adding extra calories.

Use Parmesan cheese, it replaces the salt and gives it a great taste. If cooking vegan add nutritional yeast which has  the same cheesy taste. 

If making macaroni you can use the vegan cheese sauce and if using spaghetti you can use pasta sauce and have it with grill chicken or herbed chicken .

However, if you feel for seafood try this salmon in honey mustard sauce.


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