Just like waking up in the morning, reading my bible and morning devotions, I like to sip on a warm glass of water. Sometimes I add lemons slices or apple cider vinegar. Both ingredients provide lots of benefits.  Lemons water is a mild detoxification agent. It helps reduce bacterial growth and stimulates the liver to function better and detoxify the body, however, I suggest still use in moderation because the acid from the lemon is bad for your tooth enamel and can also cause acid build-up. Apple Cider Vinegar (you want to get a good raw apple cider vinegar: see my recommendation above) has the following benefits; weight loss, reduced cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and improved symptoms of diabetes. However nothing beats a cup of nice warm water, and if that’s not your thing. Make it a habit to drink a glass of room temperature water upon rising, this is a good way to jumpstart your system for the day.

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